Training Plans

The key to any great performance is a training plan. But what if you're training for something you've never done before?

Yes, there a zillion training plans on the web but how do you know it's the right plan for YOU? What if you can't stick to that exact schedule? A training plan is only realistic if it works for your life.

Let me make you a training plan that is customized for your goals, your schedule and your life. I have over a decade of training and racing experience that I've balanced with being a father, husband and successful corporate manager.

Here are some real folks who either have or are currently leveraging Distance By Davenport training plans:

  • BreckaE: PR Phoenix 1/2 marathon goal
  • RickelleM: Looking to finish the Phoenix marathon
  • ShaneM: Stagecoach 100 mile finisher
  • RaquelM: Black Canyon 60k, Boston Marathon goals
  • PeteC: Black Canyon 60k, Whiskey Basin 88k, Antelope Canyon 50k and Born To Run 100 mile goals

Let's face it - we work, we have fun, we have kids or we travel. Only a customized training plan can take these things into account and provide you the full confidence that you'll be able to meet your race-day goals.

Availability:       Local and online
Time Commitment:       Varies (1 hr min)
Price:       $60 / hr (contact me)

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