Athlete Roster - Richard Mendez


I've been working with Trevor for about 2 years now. As a busy husband, father of four and active member of our church, life can get pretty crazy. I owe this lifestyle all to my wife. After our third child she started running and getting healthier while I was sitting around not doing any activity whatsoever. My ego got the best of me because I couldn’t let her get into amazing shape and living a healthier lifestyle while I’m sitting around just wasting away. A very positive change in our lives as running is a much healthier activity than what we were doing before.

Before A Coach

Early in my running career, especially when I increased to the half marathon and full marathon distances, I ran into a lot of injuries. I found myself battling overuse injuries which was a clear indication that I was doing things incorrectly. The primary injuries were Illiotibial Band Syndrome and Plantar Fasciitis which are typically injuries associated with improperly building mileage.

My Endurance Goals

I’m ultimately inspired by the challenge of what is possible. When certain goals are considered hard, I immediately ask myself if I have what it takes to pull it off. When someone talks about longer distances, I immediately ask myself if I have what it takes to conquer a new challenge. The unknown of my limits is what drives my goals.

My three basic goals are:
  • Increase speed and fitness to improve my finishing times at some of the races I’ve completed.
  • Jump up to the 100 mile distance.
  • Qualify for a few of the iconic American races like Western States and Hardrock.

Balancing Life

With all this activity, my plans typically need to be designed to accommodate my daily life. Trevor does an amazing job of working with me to understand what is going on in my life that will impact my training. Then he builds the plan around that to ensure I’m not missing out on family time while also getting me ready for all my races.

Partnered Coaching

The most important thing I’ve learned through coaching is train smart. You must work off a solid plan that properly prepares your body for the goals you have in place. You also need to be flexible. Trevor taught me that if I need an extra rest day, if I need to cut some miles short, if I’m sick, or any number of things that come up during a training plan, its better to listen to your body than to push through and risk injury.

Since working with Trevor I’ve been able to make huge increases in mileage, complete several difficult ultra-marathons (Zane Grey, Mogollon Monster and Black Canyon), all while staying pretty much injury free. I owe that all to the training I’ve received.

I chose Trevor as a coach because he is approachable and easy to work with while also having a huge amount of experience in the sport. This makes it easy to have open discussion about the training process and have the confidence that he has designed a plan that will get you ready for whatever goals you may have. He is also extremely passionate about the sport and the running community, which makes him an incredible ambassador.