Partnered Coaching

If you're looking to receive the best possible training and 1:1 interaction, a partnered coach is definitely the way to go. Whether you have a short-term race goal or an entire year of races you want to achieve, this coach will help you get there.

Signing up to this plan gets you the following:
  • A customized and dynamic training plan
  • Unlimited email, text and phone conversations
  • A monthly 1:1 consultative training run
  • Access to local group runs
  • Discounts at local athletic stores

Research shows that athletes who have a structured plan and a coach to hold them accountable are more likely to achieve their goal(s).

I'd love for you to join my roster of athletes. There's nothing I love more than to see others succeed.

Availability:       Local athletes only
Time Commitment:       3-month increments
Price:       $100 / mo

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