Athlete Roster - Pete Chavez

About me

I moved here in 2015 and Trevor actually was the second person I met and quickly became friends. In California I was already chasing the 100 mile distance but sometimes life has other plans and I put it aside. Having ran 100k and 50 milers I still longed for the challenge of 100 miles. Almost 6 years had passed since my desire to attempt that distance and I had done several 50k and 60k since then, mostly under-trained and just out having fun. Finally, in 2018 my wife and I had a good talk and decided that it was time for me to take the challenge on, I was finally ready mentally again to wrap my head around the 100 mile distance.

Before a Coach

I always trained myself either with online plans or from books and I was really good at following them but I had a knack for over-training. Always wanting to run more than the plan called for, after all I was kind of addicted to running. I did have a coach in California that helped me finish my first 50 miler but after that I figured I could do it myself and I did accomplish several 50 milers and my first 100k although I was successful in finishing they always turned into death marches. This time for this distance I wanted structure and knowledge from an experienced 100 mile finisher and coach. So I reached to Trevor.

My Goals

I guess my goals have always been to push myself to do something I never thought possible. From my weight loss due to being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2011 which started this whole journey for me to running my first 5k, first marathon and eventually lead me trail running and ultra-running so it was natural for me to want to attempt the 100 mile distance. My goal was to finish and that was it.

After a Coach

My goal of just finishing Javalina Jundred turned into me finishing in 25:11:22! I was in absolute awe of how my race went. The plan worked beyond my expectations you could even say it was a perfect race for me. Everything went according to plan and I owe it all to my coach Trevor and his experience he set the plan and I followed it. I didn’t stray although I did have some personal issues come up and honestly I talked to him and discussed me dropping down to the 100k. We talked about it and eventually I decided to stick to the plan. I can’t thank him enough for giving me the tools that I needed to finish beyond my expectations. A great coach and a great friend and on to the next adventure that I know for sure I will have Distance by Davenport in my corner.