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Hey There!

I'm Trevor Davenport

Ultra-marathoner, coach and beer enthusiast

I know what it means to be a part-time endurance athlete trying to balance family, work and beer consumption. I take a lot of pride in setting goals, working hard and making my endurance dreams come true.

As founder of the San Tan Trail Runners, I have a passion for bringing together athletes in a safe and judgement-free environment where they can share a common love for the outdoors and staying healthy. My experience as a triathlete, ultra-marathoner and RRCA-certified coach enables me to share my experiences and guide athletes just like you to achieve any endurance and/or running goals.

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Achievements & Info

50 km
100 km
100 mi
1/2 Ironman

How Can I Help?

Partnered Coaching

Local athletes will enjoy a full-service coaching experience inclusive of 1:1 sessions, training plan(s) and gait review.

Online Coaching

Any athlete can get the benefits of a coach using online (texting, email and video) technologies to achieve their goals.

Training Plans

Many self-motivated athletes just need a little help creating a training plan to get them across the finish line.

Group Instruction

Is your group training for a common goal? We love the accountability and spirit of group activities.


Anyone can go from the couch to their goal with the proper training. Let's get started!

Form & Gait Review

We'll review your form to ensure you create a long and healthy relationship with running.


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Learn More

Not sure where to get started? Check out the basic coaching services we have to offer.

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