Form & Gait Review

Even experienced athletes need someone to review their form and provide feedback on their stride, foot strike, gait and overall form. It's one of the biggest contributors to injury during training and racing but also the one thing that will keep your performing strong for a very long time.

After my first marathon, I ended up with plantar fasciitis that lasted for almost 2 years! I only wish I had someone to help guide me through these initial phases of my aches and pains.

Over the many years of training and competing, I've learned a lot about the body and the most common injuries, aches and pains that athletes develop. Most of the time, the location of your pain isn't where the actual injury or problem is.

So let's get started! If you've got some lingering pains and want to fix them or just want someone to give you advice on your running form, let's connect and help ensure you have a long and healthy athletic career.

Availability:       Local and remote (via video)
Time Commitment:       1 hour (minimum)
Price:       $60 / hr

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